Resource Documents

The AAG and associated measures are free to download from this site but users are required to agree to use them without modification and in the way set out in the protocols by the copyright holder, Linda Machin on the ‘Working with the AAG in practice’ and ‘The Attitude to Health Change scales’ pages.

AAG practitioner record sheet (mapping-grief)

Adult Attitude to Grief scale (mapping-grief)

AHC practice worksheet (carer) (mapping grief)

AHC Practice worksheet(patient) (mapping grief)

Attitude to Health Change scale – carer (mapping-grief))

Attitude to Health Change scale -patient (mapping-grief)

Attitude to Life Losses scale (mapping-grief)

Children’s Attitude to Grief scale (mapping-grief)

This site will be updated when those scales awaiting validation have been evaluated and undergone further psychometric testing.

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Sage video – Linda Machin